This short video by The School of Life gives a quick little history into the term ritual and allows us a chance to better understand the context of ritual by looking back on it’s impact throughout history and how it has so drastically changed.

All I can say is….”Saturnalia” looks like an absolute blast! Can we at least bring that back?


I’d be curious what everyone thinks about some of the facts in this video. The drastic cut of bank holidays from 36 to 4 over 3 years in order to make more money says alot about where we are at in today’s society. Personally, I think the pressure for us to produce as apposed to thrive, has had it’s day and now people are waking up and looking for something “more”. Making money and a successful career are no longer the pinnacle peek of the food chain and I think that we’re seeing a rebirth of ceremony and ritual as society tries to connect to something more profound. It’s going to be very interesting to see where the next 100 years takes us!