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Upcoming Exhibition at NVRLND!


It's an exciting thing to see something you've envisioned in your mind start to take actual shape and come to life. As a lifelong creator, I've been a part of my fair share of new beginnings but somehow this endeavour feels just a little bit different. I'm so incredibly proud to be able to share with all of you our premier exhibition taking place May 21st through 22nd, 2022. This premiere event features over 25 artists, musicians and performers all coming together around the concept of ritual. We couldn't be more thrilled at how this event is coming together and we hope that you'll join us for this magical evening. You can find out all the amazing details and so much more on the Ritual Arts "CURRENT EXHIBITION" page along with how to obtain your invitation to this exclusive opening.

Upcoming Exhibition at NVRLND!2022-04-20T15:45:41-07:00

Calling All Artists


We officially have only one week left for artists to send in their applications to be a part of the Ritual Arts premiere showcase coming up this May. We've already received so many incredible applications but we are always looking to see what kind of great ideas are out there. Don't be shy! Remember, you do NOT need to have a finished piece in order to apply. Looking for musician, artists and performers. Apply today!

Calling All Artists2022-03-28T11:34:20-07:00

Ritual, A visual word association road map


So what exactly does the word “ritual” mean or conjure up in your mind? ? Personally I think it's different for everybody. Where you come from, your cultural background, your families religious background, your personal spiritual or religious choices, your needs, your life experiences, your EVERYTHING! It all plays a roll on how you bring ritual into your life. I say we all talk about it. I'm not going to try and tell you your wrong or that my way is better than yours. This is a place for discussion, collaboration and experimentation.

Ritual, A visual word association road map2022-03-15T17:51:57-07:00

History: Rituals


This short video by The School of Life gives a quick little history into the term ritual and allows us a chance to better understand the context of ritual by looking back on it’s impact throughout history and how it has so drastically changed. All I can say is...."Saturnalia" looks like an absolute blast! Can we at least bring that back? I'd be curious what everyone thinks about some of the facts in this video. The drastic cut of bank holidays from 36 to 4 over 3 years in order to make more money says alot about where we are at in today's society. Personally, I think the pressure for us to produce as apposed to thrive, has had it's day and now people are waking up and looking for something "more". Making money and a successful career are no longer the pinnacle peek of the food chain [...]

History: Rituals2022-03-16T08:47:50-07:00
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