An artistic exploration of ritual practice through the lens of visual, auditory and performance based creative expression

Ritual Arts is an art initiative based out of Mohkinstsis (MOH-kin-stiss) the Blackfoot name for Calgary, which translates to “elbow,” in reference to the Elbow River. The aim of Ritual Arts is to bring Canadian artists together to dialogue on the practices and expressions of cultural, personal, and historical rituals and their presence in contemporary society. We facilitate an annual gallery exhibition to provide a platform for artists from all walks of life to create through and/or about the concept of Ritual, and present their work to the public and fellow artists.

“A ritual, a rite, a ceremony, a series of symbolic acts focused toward fulfilling a particular intention. We often think of ritual as belonging to the realm of religion, but in fact, rituals are an integral part of nature and our daily lives.” – Renee Beck & Sydney Barbara Metrick, “The Art of Ritual”.


The Ritual Arts campfire is a beacon of ideas. A place to take in new information, share ideas and grow as a community. Through out history the campfire has been at the center of every civilization and here, for us, it is a place to begin. A spark of inspiration. A gathering of minds from all walks of life.

Upcoming Exhibition at NVRLND!

April 20th, 2022|

It's an exciting thing to see something you've envisioned in your mind start to take actual shape and come to life. As a lifelong creator, I've been a part of my fair share of [...]

  • Artist Applications closing March 27th, 2022
  • Ritual Arts - Artist Applications close March 27th, 2022

Calling All Artists

March 21st, 2022|

We officially have only one week left for artists to send in their applications to be a part of the Ritual Arts premiere showcase coming up this May. We've already received so many incredible [...]

  • Word Associations for Ritual

Ritual, A visual word association road map

March 15th, 2022|

So what exactly does the word “ritual” mean or conjure up in your mind? 🤔 Personally I think it's different for everybody. Where you come from, your cultural background, your families religious background, your [...]

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